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Short Description of Computer Files of the BAW-DH

This page shows you a alphabetically sorted list of the most important types of data files used at the BAW-DH.

  • hrpi-mf.dat: Master file of program TR2APP with information about secondary reference points
  • hview2d.dat: general input data for program HVIEW2D
  • hy-tab.dat: Table of a frequency distribution of depth values of a finite difference bathymetry

  • igel2d.dat: general input data for the program IGEL2D
  • insel.dat: digitalized structures (groynes, islands, etc.)
  • io_volume.dat: general input data for the program IO_VOLUME
  • ipds.dat: initial values of physical datasets (e.g. to define start conditions)
  • isoerg.dat: informations for plotting additional isolines in various graphical programs

  • sedimorph.dat: user specified steering data for the morphodynamic computational module SediMorph
  • selafin: results file of TELEMAC-2D
  • soil.dat: description of soil types
  • solwrt.dat: contains time-series data for a single location, please do not use any longer
  • spek.out: one-dimensional wave spectra, computed by program WESPE
  • sv.dat: input data for software package SV (various settling velocity models)
  • syngrid.dat: general input data for the program SYNGRID

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