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September 1999


September 1999


longitudinal profile along a (e.g.) river
automatic definition of cross-sectional profiles

Short Description of Functionality

All cross-sectional profiles are lying perpendicular to a user-defined longitudinal profile (e.g. river fairway) and they start and end outside a definite area (e.g. an estuary).


  1. program steering file (filetype crosspro.dat)
  2. file with longitudinal profile along a (e.g.) river fairway, containing position and kilometer values for each point defining the longitudinal profile (filetype ascii.dat)
    column description:
    1. 1st column: x-coordinates of fairway polyline
    2. 2nd column: y-coordinates of fairway polyline
    3. 3rd column: kilometer values
  3. estuary bathymetry file in Fidirb/Fidisor format (filetype topo.bin)
  4. boundary file for the area, containing coordinates for each boundary point of a polygon (filetype ascii.dat)
    column description:
    1. 1st column: x-coordinates of boundary polyline
    2. 2nd column: y-coordinates of boundary polyline


  1. structure file, containing positions of all calculated cross-sectional profiles (filetype insel.dat)
  2. geoposition files for each calculated cross-sectional start and end point (filetype geopos.dat)


position of cross-sectional profiles
After reading the input data from various files, the program calculates the positions of all cross-sectional profiles along the defined river fairway. These positions are sorted in a list, so that the cross-sectional profiles with positions at the beginning of the river fairway are stored at the beginning of that list. The positions are sorted by their distance from the first point of the river fairway.

direction of cross-sectional profiles
Every cross-sectional profile lies perpendicular to the river fairway at the position of fairway crossing, so the direction of the cross-sectional profile can be calculated directly from the direction of the fairway at crossing point by adding 90 degrees.

start and end point of cross-sectional profiles
Starting at the crossing point, the program looks at both directions of the cross-sectional profile to search for a point where either the bathymetry of the estuary ends or the cross-sectional profile intersects the boundary polyline. The program uses the point with the least distance to the crossing point with the river fairway.

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M. Boehlich, J. Jürges


working group PRE



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