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March 2024


January 2022

Significance of the File

contains general steering data for the program NCMERGE.

File-Contents (in Catchwords)

steering data

  • Block Program_Parameters: general steering data
    1. Max_Read_Storage: Maximum number of data values that can be read for each input variable in a read-write cycle. Default = 125000000.
    2. (optional) Create_Missing_Variables: Generate additional variables
      • 0 = do not create additional variables (default)
      • 1 = generate additional variables (in combination with DFlow FM)
    3. (optional) NC_Deflate_Level: Compression of the result data
      • 0 = no compression
      • 1 ... 8 = compression (default = 3)
      • 9 = maximum compression
    4. (optional) END_After_Define: Abort after generating the metadata of the output file
      • .false. = Program runs through to the end (default)
      • .true. = Program ends after definition of the result file (metadata)
  • (optional) Block Hash_Identity_Checks: inter-comparison of MD5-Hash values
    1. Check_MD5
      • Name of MD5 hash variable to be compared;
      • Descriptor for file to be compared;
      • Requirement for compliance
        • STRICT (exact),
        • WARNING (Warning in case of differences)
Remark: the same MD5 hash variable must be present in all input NetCDF files.
  • Block Input_Files: input files
    1. Data_File: Name and type of the input file (file of type
- at least two files must be prescribed
- files must exist
Remark: Following file type several optional key-value pairs can be added
- TA=DD.MM.YYYY-hh:mm:ss start time
- TE=DD.MM.YYYY-hh:mm:ss end time
- TZ=UTC MEZ MESZ ... time zone
- DT=dddddd-hh:mm:ss output time step
  • Block Output_File: output file
    1. Data_File Name and type of the output file (file of type
- file must not exist

General Remarks

  1. Used dictionary files from directory $PROGHOME/dic/:
    • ncmerge_dico.dat.

Programs using this Type of File




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