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3.x / February 2010


February 2010

Significance of the File

contains general input data for the program I Notice: In addition to this file the dictionary-file volume_dico.dat is automatically read. It is present in directory $PROGHOME/dic .

File-Contents (in Catchwords)

  • block Input_Files contains input files, mostly results of a hydronumerical model
  • grid name and type
  • (optional) file with depth values of the horizontal layers and file type; may be overruled by the metadata of the dataset
  • (optional) synoptical 2D dataset and file type; maximum are two files
  • (optional) synoptical 3D dataset and file type; maximum are two files
  • (optional) block Bathymetry_Output_Files contains output files for the bathymetry
  • (optional) 2D bathymetry as a surface and file type; since io_volume v. 3.1 this file can contain dynamic depth data
  • (optional) 3D bathymetry as a spatial object and file type; one of the called options 2D or 3D must be given
  • (optional) block Hydro_Output_Files contains output files for the hydronumerical datasets
  • (optional) synoptical 2D dataset and file type
  • (optional) synoptical 3D dataset and file type
  • start date and time
  • end date and time
  • time interval
  • (optional) setting a null value; the follow-up program Tecplot offers the blanking feature, meaning that nodes with the null value, e.g. -999., are not displayed
  • name of output 2D measures
  • (optional) name of output 3D measures
  • (optional) block ETC contains further information
  • (optional) logical switch, whether output objects should be tested on plausibility

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