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September 1999


September 1999

Significance of the File

steering file for program crosspro

File-Contents (in Catchwords)

  1. Block input_files
    definition of input files and their types:
    • km_file : name of river fairway file containing position and kilometer values for each longitudinal profile point
    • km_type : type of river fairway file. Actually only type Ascii is possible
    • topo_file : name of 2-dimensional bathymetry file containing position and depth values of an estuary
    • topo_type : type of bathymetry file. Actually only type Fidirb possible (filetype topo.bin)
    • border_file : name of additional polyline file containing position values of a border line
    • border_type : type of border line file. Actually only type Ascii is possible
  2. Block positions
    definition of the positions of all cross-sectional profiles on the longitudinal river fairway profile:
    • distance : one or more distance values (start counting at the first longitudinal river profile point). Distance values are of relative nature so that 0.00 means start point of longitudinal profile and 1.00 means end point of longitudinal profile. Values less than 0.00 or greater than 1.00 are not allowed
    • distance_steps : group of distance values characterized by a constant step value between two contiguous distance values
    • kilometer : one or more kilometer values
    • kilometer_steps : group of kilometer values characterized by a constant step value between two contiguous kilometer values
    • point : one or more longitudinal profile point numbers
    • point_steps : group of point numbers characterized by a constant step value between two contiguous points
  3. Block parameter
    collection of calculation steering parameter:
    • cross_sec_point_step : search distance between two contiguous points on cross-sectional profiles to find first point outside definite area
    • km_sort_on_km_file : parameter defines in which way kilometer values are sorted along the longitudinal river fairway (ascending/ descending/nosort)
  4. Block output_files
    definition of output files and their types:
    • insel_file : name of file containing the positions of all calculated cross-sectional profiles
    • insel_type : type of cross-sectional profiles file. Actually only type Insel is possible
    • geopos_name : (long) base description for each cross sectional profile position
    • geopos_short : short base description for each cross-sectional profile position
    • geopos_code : base code for each cross-sectional profile position and position file

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J. Jürges


J. Jürges



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