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Basic Information






5.x / February 2012


February 2012

Significance of the File

contains general input data for the program VVIEW2D

File-Contents (in Catchwords)

Input Steering Data

  • general steering data (block Program_Parameters)
    • key "Dry_Limit" : minimum water depth to distinguish between wet and dry areas.
    • key "Language : language selection for descriptive text:
      • DE = German,
      • EN = English.
    • key "Superelevation" : vertical exaggeration factor.
    • key "Top_Level_Heaven" : z-coordinate for "heaven" (negative coordinate direction).
    • key "Bottom_Level_Hell" : z-coordinate for "hell" (positive coordinate direction).
  • input files (block Input_Files).
    • key "Input_Layout_File : layout description (filetype layout.dat).
    • key "Input_Colours_File : definition of colour tables (filetype lights.dat).
    • (optional) key "Input_Logo_File : digitized company logo (filetype bawlogo.dat, see e. g. $PROGHOME/cfg/bawlogo.dat).
    • (optional) key "Input_Stamp_File : text information for BAW stamp (filetype stamp.dat).
    • (optional) key "Input_Frames_File : definition of static frames (filetype frames.dat).
    Notice: for individual profiles with name LP_KENN a file with name frames.LP_KENN.dat will be loaded automatically if present in the working directory.
  • description of scenarios (block Scenario)
    • key "Long_Scenario_Name : long name.
    • key "Short_Scenario_Name : short name.
    • key "Input_Profile_Data_File : name of file with profile-oriented data (files of type dirz.bin, dirz.bin.i, and dirz.bin.r).
    Notice: More than one file may be prescribed. If several files are given, they must be consistent with respect to grid, morphodynamics as well as dry limit.
    • key "Input_Profile_Grid_File : name of file with profile-oriented grid (filetype profil05.bin).
    Notice: For morphodynamic data sets the depth given in this file must reflect the depth of the non-erodible layer.
    Notice: use a compact and small grid if possible.
    • (optional) key "Input_Structures_File : not realized.
    • (optional) key "Direction_of_long_profiles  : draw the longitudinal profiles in normal direction or turn it (normal or invers).
    • (optional) key "Direction_of_cross_profiles  : draw the cross-sectional profiles in normal direction or turn it (normal or invers).
  • (optional) Log-Datei (block Log_File).
    • key "Log_File : GKS-Logfile to record user interaction for the current session or to replay a session which was recorded before (filetype Log.dat).
    Notice: if the log-file is present, the recorded session will be replayed. If the log-file does not exist, the current session is going to be be recorded.

introductory remarks concerning the subsequent optional blocks:

  1. switches can be used to influence the graphics displayed (see switches of the program VVIEW2D).
  2. the default setting of the program can be altered within subesequent blocks.
  3. the contents of the log-file ist independent of the settings used.
  4. all switches are either .true. or .false..
  5. caution: not all combinations yield reasonable results!
  • (optional) switches Level2 (block Switches_Level_2)
    • (optional) key "Display_Overlay_Grid"
    • (optional) key "Display_X_Texts_and_Markers"
    • (optional) key "Display_Structures" : not yet realized
    • (optional) key "Display_Bottom_Polygon" : not yet realized.
    • (optional) key "Display_Stamp_and_Logo"
    • (optional) key "Display_Length_Scale"
    • (optional) key "Display_Surface_Polygon" : not yet realized.
    • (optional) key "Display_Vector_Arrows"
  • (optional) switches Level3 (block Switches_Level_3)
    • (optional) key "Display_Filled_Areas"
    • (optional) key "Use_Fill_Area"
    • (optional) key "Display_Data_Contours"
    • (optional) key "Label_Data_Contours"
    • (optional) key "Overlay_Vector_Arrows"
    • (optional) key "Use_Variable_Vector_Arrow_Length"
    • (optional) key "Display_Hatches"
    • (optional) key "Use_Hatches_and_Filled_Areas"
    • (optional) key "Use_Hatches_Independent_of_Sign"
    • (optional) key "Use_Manual_Contour_Label_Height"
  • (optional) switches Level4 (block Switches_Level_4)
    • (optional) key "Activate_Colours_Update"
    • (optional) key "Activate_Metafile_Output"
      • parameter 1 : switch (.true., .false.);
      • parameter 2 : organizational description (K1, K2, K3, W1, W2, W3, W4, ALR);
      • parameter 3 : type of metafile (cgm, gksm, eps, gif, iris, jpeg, miff, pcx, tiff, xbm);
      • (optional) parameter 4 : window name. Must be prescribed if the type of the metafile is neither cgm nor gksm.
    • (optional) key "Activate_No_Stop_Run"
    • (optional) key "Use_Projected_Modulus"
    • (optional) key "Use_Ortho_Projection"
    • (optional) key "Use_Hollow_Arrows"
    • (optional) key "Display_Additional_Texts"
  • (optional) switches special features (Block Switches_Special_Features)
    • (optional) key "Modify_Contour_Colours
    • (optional) key "Modify_Vector_Arrow_Colours
    • (optional) key "Modify_Const_Vector_Arrow_Length
    • (optional) key "Modify_Legend

General Remarks

  1. While reading this steering data file the dictionary file Vview2d_dico.dat will be automatically accessed in directory $PROGHOME/dic/ to support input.
  2. For VVIEW2D the following standard configuration files from the directory $PROGHOME/cfg/ are required:
    • GKS parameter file: gkssystem.computername.dat
    • definition of physical quantities and physical units: phydef.*.dat
    • definition of hatching styles: hatch.cfg.dat
  3. (optional) definition of desired points of time (filetype zeitpunkte.dat)
  4. (optional) informations for a tide clock representation (filetype tideclock.dat)
  5. (optional) time series of water level elevation (file of type boewrt.dat or file of type solwrt.dat)
    Notice: must be present together with tideclock.dat.

Programs using this Type of File



please refer to $PROGHOME/examples/Vview2d/Vview2d.dat

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