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MATLAB is a software system to solve technical as well as scientific problems. An overview of the potential MATLAB applications is given on MATLAB products.

Stand Alone Applications at the BAW

Since November 2013 compiled MATLAB executables are available at the BAW-DH, both for Linux and Windows systems. A MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) has to be installed on the local machine. A MATLAB license is not necessary.

  • create_simple_untrim2_grid: create a simple computational grid for UNTRIM2.
  • display_control_volumes: tabular representation of spatially and temporally aggregated fluxes (generated by NCANALYSE).
  • inspect_control_volumes: time series visualization of aggregated transport quantities (generated by NCAGGREGATE).
  • display_percentiles: Calculates and plots different statistical values (mean, median, minimum. maximum and percentiles) based on profile-oriented data (i.e. the output of XTRDATA).
  • insel2ipds: Read several insel.dat files and write out one ipds.dat file which can be used for NCAGGREGATE.
  • quickplot: Interactive visualisation including animation of numerical data.
  • matlabfigviewer: Viewer for files in the Matlab Figure format (*.fig) with no licensed Matlab installed. The viewer offers the possibility to change some figure properties e.g. size, line width, font size.
  • plotProfilZeit: Visualization of profile data (created by XTRDATA or NCAGGREGATE) as hovmoeller plot as well as display of percentiles or single values along a profile.
  • plotts: Visualisation of timeseries from netcdf-files.
  • TTpegel: Analysis of high as well as low water time series data for gauge stations..
  • taylordiagram: Visualization of standard deviation, correlaiton, pattern root mean square error (PRMS) (calculated by program NCDELTA) in a Taylor-Diagram and description of the model-observation-comparison in a tabular form.

External Links

In the following you can find some links referencing oceanographic and estuarine applications, as well as MATLAB programming style:

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