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Basic Information

Name of Program



3.x / September 2009


September 2009


analysis of calculated results
characteristic numbers of meteorological data
characteristic numbers of waves
static (alternative) bathymetry
universal direct access data format

Short Description of Functionality

The program LZKAF computes several characteristic numbers out of wind data as well as wave data. The data must be given as time-series (in universal direct access data format). The results of LZKAF may be visualised/displayed with the graphical postprocessor HVIEW2D.

Within the period of data analysis the following characteristic numbers can be (optionally) calculated:

  • Analysis of wind speed time series data:
    • maximum wind velocity
    • time of maximum wind velocity
    • duration of high wind velocity
    • duration of low wind velocity
    • frequency distribution of wind velocity
  • Analysis of significant wave height time series data:
    • maximum significant wave height
    • direction of wave with maximum significant wave height
    • date and time of maximum significant wave height
    • duration of high significant wave height
    • duration of low significant wave height
    • frequency distribution of significant wave height


  1. general input data (filetype lzkaf.dat)
  2. time series of meteorological data (files of type dirz.bin.r, dirz.bin.i, and dirz.bin)
  3. grid for 2D/3D-data (filetype gitter05.dat/bin)


  1. results of data analyses for the overall domain (files of type dirz.bin.R, dirz.bin.I, and dirz.bin)
  2. results of data analyses for sectors (files of type dirz.bin.R, dirz.bin.I, and dirz.bin)
  3. informative printer file (filetype Lzkaf.sdr)
  4. (optional) trace of program execution (filetype Lzkaf.trc)


This program is able to generate statistics for wind speed as well as wave height time series data. LZKAF determines the frequency distribution of wind velocity or wave height for different intervals of wind velocity / wave height and different directional sectors of wind / wave direction. The number of intervals and directional sectors as well as the value of their upper and lower limits can be defined by the user.

Beyond that, additional characteristic numbers, indedependant of direction (e.g. time of occurrence, maxmimum values, duration of high values, ...) can be computed too.

Program(s) to run before this Program


Program(s) to run after this Program


Additional Information



Additional software


Original Version

A. Cords, D. Schrödter, G. Lang


G. Lang, S. Spohr


please refer to $PROGHOME/examples/Lzkaf/

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