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Basic Information

Name of Program



1.1 / March 2016


March 2016


analysis results
data for control volumes
aggregated transports
CF NetCDF format

Acknowledgment: This project took advantage of netCDF software developed by UCAR/Unidata (

Short Description of Functionality

The application display_control_volumes clearly represents spatially and temporally aggregated flux quantities in a table.
A map with the location of the control volumes and their associated exchanges will also be displayed.

Picture GUI of application display_control_volumes.

For a particular control volume the table has to be read row-wise. Positive values mean inflows into the control volume, negative values indicates outflows. Horizontal fluxes take place through the exchanges of the volume to adjacent control volumes or to the enviroment ( Column: ENV). Vertical fluxes such as the exchange with the bottom or the atmosphere may occur. In addition, a control volume can have sources and sinks in order to implement inflows and outflows.

Column title:

EER: Sources and sinks
NVR: Rate of rainfall and evaporation
WOB: Exchange with water surface
BOD: Exchange at bed of water body

In addition, the column DIV shows the horizontal divergence of the control volume.

The following analysis results are processed:

  1. Characteristic Numbers of Water Transport (independent of tides);
  2. Characteristic Numbers of Salt Transport (independent of tides);
  3. Characteristic Numbers of Heat Transport (independent of tides);
  4. Characteristic Numbers of Tracer Transport (independent of tides);
  5. Characteristic Numbers of Suspended Sediment Transport (independent of tides).
  6. Characteristic Numbers of Sediment Transport (independent of tides).


  1. Tide-independent characteristic numbers of aggregate transport quantities (file type:


  1. (optional) Area map of control volumes as a bitmap (*.PNG) or in vector format (*.PDF,*.EPS).
  2. (optional) Table of fluxes as a text file (*. TXT).


If there is a differentiation into advective and diffusive transport, the table summarizes their values together. In this case, two additional columns (SUM_ADV, SUM_DIF) are appended to assess the ratio between the two types of transport.

Fractions, involved in the accounting, can be selected by the user.

The integrated configuration file display_control_volumes_cfg.dat shows the variable names of the characteristic numbers of the different transports.

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Additional Information



Additional software

Linux: MATLAB Compiler Runtime MCR R2015a in directory /usr/local/MATLAB/R2015a

Original Version

S. Spohr


S. Spohr


None. See also under MATLAB.

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