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[[NetCDF|CF NetCDF]] format<br />
[[NetCDF|CF NetCDF]] format<br />
[[MATLAB]] [[category:MATLAB stand-alone application]]<br />
[[MATLAB]] [[category:MATLAB stand-alone application]]<br />
Acknowledgment: ''This project took advantage of netCDF software developed by UCAR/Unidata ([]).''
The application '''display_control_volumes''' clearly represents spatially and temporally
The application '''display_control_volumes''' clearly represents spatially and temporally

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Basic Information

Name of Program



May 2014


May 2014


analysis results
data for control volumes
aggregated transports
CF NetCDF format

Acknowledgment: This project took advantage of netCDF software developed by UCAR/Unidata (

Short Description of Functionality

The application display_control_volumes clearly represents spatially and temporally aggregated flux quantities in a table.
A map with the location of the control volumes and their associated exchanges will also be displayed.

File:Display control volumes GUI.png
Picture GUI of application display_control_volumes.

For a particular control volume the table has to be read row-wise. Positive values mean inflows into the control volume, negative values indicates outflows. Horizontal fluxes take place through the exchanges of the volume to adjacent control volumes or to the enviroment ( Column: ENV). Vertical fluxes such as the exchange with the bottom or the atmosphere may occur. In addition, a control volume can have sources and sinks in order to implement inflows and outflows.

Column title:

EER: Sources and sinks
NVR: Rate of rainfall and evaporation
WOB: Exchange with water surface
BOD: Exchange at bed of water body

In addition, the column DIV shows the horizontal divergence of the control volume.

The following analysis results are processed:

  1. Characteristic Numbers of Water Transport (independent of tides);
  2. Characteristic Numbers of Salt Transport (independent of tides);
  3. Characteristic Numbers of Heat Transport (independent of tides);
  4. Characteristic Numbers of Tracer Transport (independent of tides);
  5. Characteristic Numbers of Suspended Sediment Transport (independent of tides).


  1. Tide-independent characteristic numbers of aggregate transport quantities (file type:


  1. (optional) Area map of control volumes as a bitmap (*.PNG) or in vector format (*.PDF,*.EPS).
  2. (optional) Table of fluxes as a text file (*. TXT).


If there is a differentiation into advective and diffusive transport, the table summarizes their values together. In this case, two additional columns (SUM_ADV, SUM_DIF) are appended to assess the ratio between the two types of transport.

Fractions, involved in the accounting, can be selected by the user.

Program(s) to run before this Program


Program(s) to run after this Program


Additional Information



Additional software

Linux: MATLAB Compiler Runtime MCR R2013b in directory /usr/local/MATLAB/R2013b

Original Version

S. Spohr


S. Spohr


None. See also under MATLAB.

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