Analysis of Calculated Results

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The various mathematical models used do normally generate a great amount of transient results which can be automatically analysed to calculate the following characteristic numbers.

Additional Informations Related to Analysis of Calculated Results

Tidal Characteristic Numbers

Computation of tidal characteristic numbers is only meaningful for tidal waters, where the tide is the dominant process. Gravitational as well as centrifugal forces cause tidal forces on Earth. Some significant causes as well as phenomena are explained in the following animation as well as on the poster:

Tidal Harmonic Analysis

Characteristic Numbers (independent of the presence of tides)

Tidal Energy Transport

Mean transports for the integration period:

(Simple) Extreme Values

  • maximum and minimum value (program ABDF)
  • maximum, mean and minimum value for variables in UGRID CF NetCDF files, for transient variables time series are printed (program NCAUTO)

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