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{{ProgramDescription |name_de=TICLQ2 |name=TICLQ2 |version=2.x / July 2005 |version_descr=July 2005 |catchwords=preprocessor
profile bathymetry
extraction of bathymetry at profiles |shortdescription=The program TICLQ2 is a preprocessor which is model-independent. It was designed to extract bathymetry-data along longitudinal or cross-sectional profiles. Every profile is defined by a sequence of an arbitrary number of 2D-locations which are connected by straight lines. Additional points can be easily inserted automatically at regular intervals in between these 2D-locations. |inputfiles=

  1. general input data (filetype ticlq2.dat)
  2. (optional) old profile-topography (filetype [[profil05.bin)
  3. (optional) profiles (filetype prof.bin)
  4. several other files are necessary to define the 2D-Locations and profiles where data shall be extracted (see documentation for the file ticlq2.dat)
  5. grid(s) (filetype [[GITTER05.DAT and GITTER05.BIN|gitter05.dat/bin], untrim_grid.dat)


  1. profile-topography (filetype profil05.bin)
  2. decriptions of all geo positions divided into profiles (filetype gprofil.dat)
  3. depth values of all points divided into profiles (filetype tprofil.dat)
  4. informative printer file (filetype ticlq2.sdr)
  5. (optional) trace of program execution (filetype ticlq2.trc)

|methodology=A comprehensive profile-topography is generated from the various input-data. 2D-locations are gathered to form profiles. Additional new points can be automatically inserted in between these locations at arbitrary intervals. Bathymetric depth is calculated at the points by means of interpolation from the grid-file. Text-strings can be related to locations and profiles. A list of node numbers as well as connexion-tables are generated for all segments. Optional information is also generated for data-interpolation (used by subsequent post-processors). New bathymetry data can be added in an incremental way to an already existing profile-topography. |preprocessor=ADCP2PROFILE, CROSSPRO, DEPRO2D |postprocessor=ADCP2PROFILE, TELEMAC2D, TIMESHIFT, UNTRIM, UTRPRE, XTRLQ2 |language=Fortran90 |add_software=- |contact_original=G. Lang |contact_maintenance=G. Lang, S. Spohr |documentation= }}