Period of data analysis

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Tide independent characteristic numbers of salinity have been calculated from numerically calculated results. Data have been produced by means of the three-dimensional mathematical model TRIM-3D. The model comprises the areas of the Außenems and the Unterems (see also Bathymetry).

The period of data analysis is two days long and can be characterized as follows:

  1. fresh water inflow from the Unterems and Leda amounts to 300 m**3/s;
  2. between the dutch cities of Nieuwe Statenzijl and Delfzijl 25 m**3/s of fresh water flow into the Dollart and Außenems;
  3. spring tide conditions.

The computer program LZKSF was applied to perform an automatic analysis using data from the numerical model to calculate tide independant characteristic numbers of salinity. Results of analyses are displayed in several example figures enclosed.