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Basic Information

Name of Program



May 2019


May 2019



Acknowledgment: This project took advantage of netCDF software developed by UCAR/Unidata (

Short Description of Functionality

The application matlabfigviewer allows to view files in Matlab figure format (*.fig) with no licensed Matlab installed. After opening the Matlab figure file it is possible to adjust plot size, line width, font size and the Renderer as well as to export the figure to different formats. Additionally, it is possible to zoom to details of the displayed figure and to individually extract values from the plot. The application matlabfigviewer is called via the console using the command matlabfigviewer and passing the matlab-figure-files as arguments, e.g.:

matlabfigviewer Figure1.fig

This command opens Figure1.fig for viewing.

matlabfigviewer *.fig

This command opens all figures which end on .fig in the current directory for viewing.

Additional optional arguments are the limits of the y-axis after passing the key word ylimval and the location of the legend after passing the key word legendlocation. If these key words are used matlabfigviewer will not open the figure files, but instead is changing the limits of the y-axis or the location of the legend and saving the figure in the given file, e.g.:

matlabfigviewer Abbildung1.fig ylimval "[-4,4.5]"

This command changes the limits of the y-axis to -4 to 4 without opening the file. Enclosing the ylimval content by double quotes is necessary at the command line, when specifing floating point values. The two limits are separated by comma and whitespaces are not allowed.

matlabfigviewer *.fig legendlocation northwest

This command works on all figures which end on .fig in the current directory and changes the legend location to northwest, i.e. top-left.

matlabfigviewer *.fig legendlocation northwest ylimval "[-4,4.5]"

In this command legendlocation and limits of the y-axis are changed simultaneously.

Possible statements for the legend location are the original matlab statements:

north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest, northoutside, southoutside, eastoutside, westoutside, northeastoutside, northwestoutside, southeastoutside, southwestoutside, best, bestoutside, none

With the statement "none" it is therefore possible to turn the legend off.

matlabfigviewer -nostop *.fig legendlocation northwest ylimval "[-4,4.5]"

Giving flag -nostop stops the application 5 seconds after the last file is processed. Without this flag given, the application waits for user input, how much seconds it should wait before closing (e.g. because the user wants to have a short look over all open figures). During batch runs this is the preferred method to stop the application.

Remark: If the application is called without arguments the file selection dialog opens and the user has to select a valid file of type *.fig.


All files in Matlab figure format (*.fig)


The displayed figure can be saved in all formats supported by Matlab (*.JPG,*.PNG,*.PDF,*.EPS,*.FIG,*.BMP,*.PCX,*.PBM,*.PGM,*.PPM,*.SVG,*.TIF).

Printer protocol file matlabfigviewer.sdr


The matlab command openfig() is used for opening the given files. Then all open figures can be processed interactively. If modifiers are specified, the modification is done and the file is saved. The modified figure then is closed.

Program(s) to run before this Program


Program(s) to run after this Program

Additional Information



Additional software

Linux: MATLAB Compiler Runtime MCR R2015a in directory /usr/local/MATLAB/R2015a

Original Version

L. Nickelsen


G. Seiß

See also under MATLAB.

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