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|add_software= Linux: MATLAB Compiler Runtime MCR R2015a in directory /usr/local/MATLAB/R2015a
|add_software= Linux: MATLAB Compiler Runtime MCR R2015a in directory /usr/local/MATLAB/R2015a

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Basic Information

Name of Program



1.3 / March 2016


March 2016


data analysis
synoptic data sets
aggregated data for control volumes
visualization of time series
CF NetCDF format

Acknowledgment: This project took advantage of netCDF software developed by UCAR/Unidata (

Short Description of Functionality

The application allows the visualization and inspection of the synoptic, aggregated transport quantities, calculated by the program NCAGGREGATE. The data are available either for exchanges or for control volumes.

The quantities for the currently set tranport type will be shown for the selected control volume. Fractional quantities are shown class-wise. The presentation period may be restricted by the user. The output of the time series in a text file is possible.

Picture GUI of application inspect_control_volumes.

Possible transport types:

  • water transport
  • salt transport
  • heat transport
  • tracer transport (fractionated)
  • suspended sediment transport (fractionated)
  • sediment transport (SEDIMORPH-Output, fractionated)

The German-language website offers further information about the content of the individual charts.


  1. Aggregated Data format (


  1. optional output of the time series in an ASCII file.


The volume flux or mass flux in a time step can be calculated in two independent ways:

  • Way 1: From the transport volume V or transport mass M the change (dV/dt or dM/dt ) can be determined for each time step.
  • Way 2: By addition:
    1. of the fluxes through the exchanges of the control volume (CV),
    2. plus intake and outtake of sources and sinks of the CV,
    3. plus an exchange through surface and ground of the CV.

The determined volume fluxes or mass fluxes will usually not match exactly. The application calculates the time series both for the absolute and the relative error.
The table shows the mean, minimum and maximum values of these two variables.

The integrated configuration file inspect_control_volumes_cfg.dat shows the groups of variable names for the different transports.

Program(s) to run before this Program


Program(s) to run after this Program

Additional Information



Additional software

Linux: MATLAB Compiler Runtime MCR R2015a in directory /usr/local/MATLAB/R2015a

Original Version

S. Spohr


S. Spohr


None. See also under MATLAB.

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