Example: Bathymetry of the Inner Außenweser

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The figure above shows the bathymetry for a part of the numerical model of the Jade-Weser Estuary. The inner part of a large estuary called Außenweser is displayed. At the Bottom right near the sharp bend of the Unterweser the estuary widens and the Außenweser begins. Close to this spot the city of Bremerhaven is located. From bottom right to top left a deep channel is crossing the figure. In this channel the fairway for the in- and outgoing ships to the port of Bremerhaven is located. Extensive tidal mud flats (in green) are present to the left and right of the channel. These areas are normally falling dry or getting wet at medium water level elevations. The smaller channels are important during the early and late drying and wetting phases of the mud flats and are cutting into these areas starting at the deep channels.


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