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1.3 / January 2017


January 2017


numerical simulation
analysis of UNTRIM2007 printer file
output of time series data

Short Description of Functionality

The program UNTRIM2007MONITOR extracts relevant information out of an UNTRIM2007 printer file.


  1. printer file with information on execution of program UNTRIM2007 (filetype untrim2007.master.sdr)


  1. time series files derived from printer file (filetype boewrt.dat)
  2. position files derived from printer file (filetype geom.dat)


Extraction of time series out of an UNTRIM2007 printer file. UNTRIM2007MONITOR looks for search strings to identify lines with data inside.

Example: If UNTRIM2007MONITOR finds the search string "# CHECKED: CR_ext Max =", then the columns 25 to 34 contains the maximum flow courant number of the current time step.

Since version 1.3 the definition of the search strings and thus detectable physical quantities takes place with a configuration file (untrim2007monitor.cfg.dat). A standard configuration file with almost 100 search strings (January 2017) is located under $PROGHOME/cfg, so that this configuration file will be used automatically, if the program can't find a user-provided configuration file in the working directory.

The extraction creates time series with a resolution as high as the time step of the simulation.

Each time serie will be written in a different file of type boewrt.dat. There is no graphical output. Instead, the program GVIEW2D can read and visualize all time serie files.

Since version 1.3 all extractable physical quantities are stored in groups, because it can not be assured, that the extraction of all different physical quantities works properly within one program execution. This is because within one program execution the file to be read and all files to be written are open simultaneously. The time serie values are not stored in the memory. Advantage: The number of time steps is not limited and does not depend on the size of the memory. Disadvantage: The number of open files is limited and thus the number of simultaneously extractable physical quantities within one program execution is limited. Tests have shown that it is possible to write more than 200 files simultaneously and that it is presently not necessary to group the physical quantities. In the future this feature could be more important if even more physical quantities will be added to the configuration file.

The following physical quantities are accessible after extraction within time serie files of type boewrt.dat:

  • UnTRIM core
    • accuracy of the solution of the water levels
    • accuracy of the water volume of time step i
    • accuracy of the total water volume
    • number of CG iterations
    • maximum courant numbers for flow and internal waves
    • number of edges where courant criteria (flow and internal waves) are not fulfilled
    • number of sub steps to fulfill courant criterion for transport equation for each UNTRIM specie
    • "mass" of all UNTRIM species
    • surface flux of all UNTRIM species
    • bottom flux of all UNTRIM species
    • fluid volume
    • water surface area
    • dry area
  • SediMorph core
    • SediMorph accretion- and erosion volume
    • SediMorph volume of all fractions
    • min/mean/max x- and y-velocity
    • maximum bottom shear stress
  • SV model
    • min/mean/max absolut velocity gradient
    • min/mean/max turbulent shear stress
  • K model
    • min/mean/max water level
    • min/mean/max depth
    • min/mean/max x- and y-velocity
  • Values at open boundary
    • min/mean/max water level
    • min/mean/max salinity
    • min/mean/max suspended sediment concentration
  • Values at atmosphere boundary
    • min/mean/max wind velocity
    • min/mean/max wind drag coefficient
    • min/mean/max normalised atmospheric pressure
  • Values at bottom boundary
    • min/mean/max bottom drag coefficient
    • min/mean/max flux of sediments from water column to soil
    • min/mean/max flux of sediments from soil to water column
    • min/mean/max residual flux of sediments
  • Values inside water body
    • min/mean/max normalised water density
    • min/mean/max horizontal turbulent viscosity
    • min/mean/max horizontal turbulent diffusivity
    • min/mean/max vertical turbulent viscosity
    • min/mean/max vertical turbulent diffusivity
    • min/mean/max settling velocity

The following physical quantities are accessible after extraction within position files of type geom.dat:

  • coordinates of edges with the maximum flow courant number
  • coordinates of edges with the maximum internal wave courant number

These files can be visualized with JANET.

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J. Jürges


J. Jürges


please refer to $PROGHOME/examples/untrim2007monitor/

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