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V 1.x


June 1999


finite difference method
numerical model TRIM-3D
extraction of bathymetry for a tile
extraction of TRIM-3D index-arrays for a tile
extraction of TRIM-3D results for a tile

Short Description of Functionality

The program TR3KACHEL is a postprocessor for the numerical model TRIM-3D. It has been designed to extract index arrays as well as bathymetries and computational results out of an overall model area. After running TR3KACHEL the files of the extracted tile have the same type but a reduced size. Therefore they can be processed much faster. Graphical display of very large model areas might be limited by the present hardware. In this case splitting the data is highly recommended.

Several tiles can be created during one run of TR3KACHEL. Optional deletion of the overall computational results is possible.

The shell-script TRIMKACH makes efficient processing with TR3KACHEL possible. It generates general input data and starts TR2KACHEL on its own whenever it finds a resultfile. The use of TRIMKACH reduces the diskspace used by model results.


  1. general input data (filetype tr3kachel.dat)
  2. bathymetry and TRIM-2D-index-arrays of the overall area (filetype tr2.topo.bin.ind)
  3. TRIM-3D-index-arrays of the overall area (filetype tr2.topo.bin.i3d)
  4. (optional) TRIM-3D computational results of the overall area (filetype tr3.result)


  1. bathymetry and TRIM-2D-index-arrays of the tile(s) (filetype tr2.topo.bin.ind)
  2. TRIM-3D-index-arrays of the tile(s) (filetype tr2.topo.bin.i3d)
  3. (optional) TRIM-3D computational results of the tile(s) (filetype tr3.result)
  4. informative printer file (filetype tr3kachel.sdr)
  5. (optional) trace of program execution (filetype tr3kachel.trc)


By cutting the global data parallel to the x- and y-axis the program creates rectangular tiles. The number of elements in the x- or y-direction of a tile should be even in order to guarantee successful further processing. The information of each tile is stored in separate files.

When the file of type tr2.topo.bin.i3d of the tile already exists TR3KACHEL does not recreate it and reads the index-arrays from harddisk.

The user does not have to bother with maximum array sizes. TR3KACHEL calculates all array sizes internally.

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P. Schade


P. Schade



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