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January 2018


January 2018


settling velocity
SV package
CSV format (comma separated values)

Short Description of Functionality

Program HSV computes settling velocities based on different formulations. For this purpose the program reads a file of type sv.dat and calculates the settling velocities with the help of the software package SV, if applicable as a function of suspended sediment concentration, shear stress or absolute velocity gradient. The results are written in a file of type CSV (comma separated values). Extracted data are stored in tabular form and may be subsequently used in spread sheet programs like MS EXCEL.

With the results of the program HSV in table form the user is able to check, whether e.g. the dependence of the settling velocity on the suspended sediment concentration looks like what can be expected with respect to the given settling velocity formulation. Or the user checks the settling velocities for different parameters of a specific settling velocity formulation.


  1. (required) steering file of SV package (file type sv.dat)


  1. ASCII table in CSV file format
  2. (optional) informative printer file of program execution (file type hsv.sdr)
  3. (optional) trace of program execution (file type hsv.trc)


The calculation of the settling velocities takes place in the software package SV. The required input values (e.g. the given settling velocity formulation und the specific parameters) are within the steering file of the package SV (sv.dat).

In addition the program asks the user for the names of the suspended sediments to be taken into account by the program and for the values or range of values for suspended sediment concentration, shear stress and absolute velocity gradient.

Program(s) to run before this Program

text editor

Program(s) to run after this Program

UNTRIM2007, UNTRIM2, spread sheet program, text editor

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J. Jürges


J. Jürges


Visualizations of test datasets can be found in $PROGHOME/examples/hsv/testcases/hsv_all_testcases.pptm

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