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2.44 / August 2011


August 2011


conversion of Delft3D computational results

Short Description of Functionality

The program GETDATA converts Delft3D computational results into the network Common Data Form netcdf.cdf. DATACONVERT offers the opportunity to convert these netCDF files in a further step into BDF files.


  1. computational results in Delft3D map files
    Each dataset requires a data file trim-*.dat and a definition file trim-*.def. These files are
    also referred to as NEFIS files.
    NEFIS may include more than Delft3D results, but this description is restricted to the map
    files. For more information have a look in the Delft3D-FLOW-User Manual (see below), p. 6-7.
  2. nefis.ini for initialisation
  3. simetf
  4. simona.cfg for configuration
  5. simona.env for setting the environment;
Files 2 to 5 and the executable have to be located in the working directory. The batchfile copy_getdata.bat copies them there.
It is located in the search path. Use:
copy_getdata [working_directory], e.g. copy_getdata C:\temp


  1. converted computational results as netcdf.cdf
This file differs from the netCDF files written by BAW software. This type can neither be loaded by the ArcGIS-GEI-Dataloader
nor by Davit


  • Reading the map files is done by methods of the NEFIS 5 library, whereas the netCDF library performs the NETCDF output. 3D results are in both formats stored in sigma layers.
  • NEFIS 5 has overcome the 2 GB file size barrier. For large datasets it is recommended to convert the physical measures seperately, since the file size of the NETCDF files has become the new bottleneck.
  • GETDATA requires two lines of console input. It is recommended to import them from a txt file,
e.g. from $PROGHOME/examples/getdata/getdata_input.txt.
  • The second input line can contain the -t option steering the output times.
start_time and stop_time are given in s since the reference date / time. The output time step difference time_step is given in seconds as well. Blanks between the time values are not allowed.
-t start_time,time_step,stop_time
Example -t 3600,600,7200 starts 1 h after and ends 2 h after the reference date / time.
-t start_time,stop_time converts all times between start and stop time.
-t one_time extracts just one time.
  • The current version writes netCDF files that can be greater than 2GB. This is possible since the netCDF mode has been set to cmode=nf90_64bit_offset.

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User manual $PROGHOME/examples/getdata/getdata_UM.pdf, description of map files in $PROGHOME/examples/Delft3D/Delft3D-FLOW_User_Manual.pdf

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