VVIEW2D: Switches of the Program VVIEW2D

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Within the program VVIEW2D some parameters can be modified at different levels. The user of the program can modify the appearance of the representation of the data using different switches interactively. These switches can only have the values ON/OFF (+/-). Arrangement, tagging and significance are briefly explained in the following:

  • working level LEVEL_2
  • OvlGrd: superpose grid / do not superpose grid
  • ProfTx: display labelled locations / do not display labelled locations
Notice: the result can be influenced through a file of type gprofil.dat
  • InsBau: read structural informations from insel.dat / do not read
Notice: not realized at the moment
  • BodPol: display bottom polygon / do not display bottom polygon
  • StLogo: display company logo / do not display company logo
  • HScale: display scale / do not display scale
  • OflPol: display surface polygon / do not display surface polygon
  • MitVek: display superimposed vectors / do not display superimposed vectors when vector quantities are plotted (works in combination with switch OvlVek on level 3)
  • working level LEVEL_3
  • FFlGra: use coloured isosurface representation / use isoline representation
  • FillAr: fill polygons with colour / fill polygons with coloured pixels
  • zIsDat: show additional data-isolines / do not show additional data-isolines
  • NoSel: out of function
  • BIsDat: label data-isolines / do not label data-isolines
Notice: labelling isolines is time consuming for large grids
  • NoSel: out of function
  • OvlVek: coloured isosurface representation with superimposed vector arrows/circles of constant length/diameter / vector representation with vector arrows/circles of constant or variable length/diameter; when superimposed vector arrows of constant length are plotted then also switch MitVek of level 2 will influence the contents of the resulting scene
  • PrpVek: length and width of vector arrows or diameter of vector circles is proportional to the value of the vector quantity / length and width of vector arrows or diameter of vector circles is constant
  • ScrfON: generate hatching representation / do not generate hatching representation
Notice: switch FFlGra must be ON in this case
  • ScrfFF: in case of hatching representation, a background coloured isosurface representation is generated / not generated
  • ScrfPM: in case of hatching representation, only two different hachures are used to show areas with positive and negative values of the data / many hachures are used
  • IsoChH: character height for labelled contour lines can be not modified manually / may be modified manually during program execution
  • IsoBox: a box is drawn / not drawn around the labels of the contour lines.
  • working level LEVEL_4