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Basic Information

Name of Program



April 2015


April 2015


finite volume method
finite difference method
rounded depth data
computational grid with depth
computational grid with subgrid depth and additional plot subgrid information
profile grid with depth
location grid with depth

Short Description of Functionality

Program UTRPRE is a preprocessor for the mathematical models UNTRIM2007 and UNTRIM2 (subgrid). It can be used to round depth data for a computational grid, a profile grid as well as a location grid.

Depth has to be rounded in order to remove roundoff sensitivity during determination of the number of computational points. With this procedure, on different computer platforms the same number of computational points used during the numerical simulation will be safely computed, i. e. for three-dimensional model runs.

Depth data at single locations and profile grid positions are optionally adjusted to the values given by the computational grid. In case also subgrid depth classes related to the computational polygons are taken into account properly.


  1. general input data (filetype utrpre.dat)
  2. all other input files are described in the before mentioned input data file.


  1. result files are described in the above mentioned input data file utrpre.dat.
  2. informative printer file (filetype utrpre.master.sdr)
  3. (optional) trace of program execution (filetype utrpre.trc)


Grid and depth data are read first from file. Thereafter, depth data are rounded for the computational grid according to users request. Modified depth data are checked against the vertical structure (position of z-layers for the mathematical models UNTRIM2007 and UNTRIM2) with respect to the stability of the result for the number of computational points against small variations in depth. Optionally, rounded depth data are transferred to the profile as well as the location grid used during output of computational results. Finally, the modified depth data are written to the different grid files used by the program.

The input files of type geopos.dat, which are used in creation of the grid for results at special locations, may contain coordinates of different coordinate reference Systems (CRS). If such a mixed dataset is used, the user has to set the environment variable BAWCRS to the CRS of the UNTRIM computational grid coordinates. Alle coordinates specified in a different CRS will be transformed "on the fly" into the right CRS. If BAWCRS is not set (not recommended!) all geopositions have to be specified in the right CRS!

The actually supported EPSG codes (CRS) are found on page GEOTRANSFORMER.

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Additional Information



Additional software


Original Version

G. Lang


working group PRE


template files are available in $PROGHOME/examples/utrpre/

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