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TDKV Example: mean tide current velocity
* [[Main Page]]
** [[Structural Engineering Methods]]
** [[Geotechnical Engineering Methods]]
** [[Hydraulic Engineering Methods]]
*** [[Mathematical Methods]]
**** [[Simulation Methods]]
***** [[Mathematical Models for Coastal Areas and Estuaries]]
****** [[Mathematical Model DELFT3D]]
****** [[Mathematical Model MIKE-11]]
****** [[Mathematical Model TRIM-2D]]
****** [[Mathematical Model TELEMAC-2D]]
****** [[Mathematical Model TRIM-3D]]
****** [[Mathematical Model UNTRIM]]
****** [[Mathematical Model SEDIMORPH]]
****** [[Mathematical Model PARTRACE]]
****** [[Mathematical Model PARTRACE-3D]]
****** [[Mathematical Model SWAN]]
****** [[Mathematical Model K-MODELL]]
****** [[Mathematical Model WARM]]
***** [[Mathematical Models for Inland Areas]]
****** [[Hydrodynamic Models]]
****** [[Morphodynamic Models - Bedload Transport]]
****** [[Models for Hydraulic Structures]]
***** [[Mathematical Models for Coastal and Inland Areas]]
****** [[Programs for Vessel Movement Dynamics]]
******* [[Program "TRASSE"]]
******* [[Program "PeTra"]]
**** [[Pre- and Postprocessing]]
***** [[Generation and Modification of Computational Grids]]
***** [[Generation of Boundary Conditions]]
***** [[Conversion of Computed Results]]
***** [[Analysis of Calculated Results]]
******[[Tidal Characteristic Numbers of Water Level]]
****** [[Tidal Characteristic Numbers of Current]]
****** [[Tidal Characteristic Numbers of Salinity]]
****** [[Tidal Characteristic Numbers of Suspended Sediment Transport]]
****** [[Tidal Characteristic Numbers of Temperature]]
****** [[Tidal Characteristic Numbers of Bed Load Transport]]
****** [[Tidal Characteristic Numbers of Eff. Bed Shear Stress Action]]
****** [[Tidal Characteristic Numbers of Morphodynamics]]
****** [[Harmonic Analysis of Water Level]]
****** [[Characteristic Numbers of Water Level (independent of tides)]]
****** [[Characteristic Numbers of Current Velocity (independent of tides)|Current]]
****** [[Characteristic Numbers of Salinity (independent of tides)]]
****** [[Characteristic Numbers of Suspended Sediment Concentration (independent of tides)]]
****** [[Characteristic Numbers of Temperature (independent of tides)]]
****** [[Characteristic Numbers of Eff. Bed Shear Stress (independent of tides)]]
****** [[Characteristic Numbers of Morphodynamics (independent of tides)]]
****** [[Characteristic Numbers of Meteorological Data (independent of tides)]]
****** [[Characteristic Numbers for Wave and Sea State (independent of tides)]]
***** [[Immersive Visualisation]]
***** [[Tools for Hydraulic Engineering]]
***** [[Data Management and Information Systems]]
**** [[BAW-Software Documentation]]
***** [[Program Descriptions]]
***** [[File Descriptions]]
***** [[Standard-Software-Applications (Add-ons)]]
****** [[ArcGIS-Applications]]
****** [[EXCEL-Applications]]
****** [[Mathematica]]
****** [[OpenMI]]
*** [[Hydraulic Modelling]]
**** [[Ship-generated Loading]]
***** [[Definition of the Characteristic Parameters]]
***** [[Functional Relationships]]
***** [[Analytical and Empirical Methods]]
***** [[Hydrodynamic Numerical Methods]]
*** [[Field Study Measurements]]
**** [[Coastal Areas and Estuaries]]
***** [[Measurement campaign "Nördlicher Peenestrom" 2005]]
*** [[Ship Handling Simulation]]
**** [[Quality Assurance]]
**** [[Fluid Flow Data]]
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TDKV Example: mean tide current velocity