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General Aspects

Purpose of these BAWiki Pages

These BAWiki pages do describe all NetCDF conventions required to store baw-specific data in NetCDF data files (see network common data form). I. e. all local conventions are listed, which go beyond the international agreed-upon CF-metadata convention. These pages are also meant as a discussion ground for agreeing on those additional conventions required.

In cases where the international agreed-upon conventions are insufficient, one should first check whether extensions described in Deltares-Conventions can be used or not - it is recommended to discuss further required extensions with Deltares. The version which has been recommended to become a standard can be found on the GITHUB. Further activities related with OpenDAP to extract a selection of data defined on unstructured grids can be found on e. g. OPULS.

The additional conventions should be listed in the global NetCDF attribute Conventions, e. g. in the following way:

// global attributes:
 :Conventions = "CF-1.4/Deltares-0.1/BAW-0.1" .

The BAW instance of a NetCDF file developed since 2010 is a file of type CF-NETCDF.NC.

Since version NetCDF-4.0 HDF (Hierarchical Data File, see HDF5 Group) is used as the underlying file format. Due to the use of HDF concepts like online compression of data stored in NetCDF files is supported as well as chunking of variables to balance read performance in case of different access to data, e.g. time-series vs. synoptic data set access.

Important NetCDF Utilities

Important (helpful) NetCDF Utilities are:

  • NCDUMP create (selective) text representation of the contents of a NetCDF file;
  • NCCOPY (selective) copy an existing NetCDF file to another, change level of compression, change internal file structure (File Chunking); and
  • NCGEN3 create NetCDF file from a CDL text file; optionally also C or FORTRAN code can be automatically generated.

File Chunking

Für weitergehende Informationen siehe:


Global Attributes


Time Coordinate

Vertical Coordinate

Horizontal Coordinate Reference System

Reduction of Dataset Size


Synoptic Data

Time Series Data

Analysis Data

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