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[[Category: Mathematical Models]]
Palette Example: Symbolization of salinity with a multicolored sequential color ramp (YlOrRd)
[[de: Mathematisches Verfahren TRIM-2D]]
==Short Description==
The mathematical model TRIM-2D is based on the finite difference method. TRIM-2D was designed to solve several depth-integrated transient nonlinear partial differential equations (pde's). The model is actually used to study one ore more of the following physical processes:
# transport of water (conservation of the water mass)
# transport of linear momentum (conservation of linear momentum)
# transport of salinity (conservation of the dissolved salt mass)
# transport of suspended sediments with consideration of resuspension and deposition at the bottom (conservation of the suspended sediment mass)
# bed load transport (a transport capacity approach is used)
# evolution of the bottom (morphodynamics) due to suspended load as well as bed load transport
TRIM-2D was jointly developed by Prof. V. Casulli (Trento University, Italy) as well as Prof. R. T. Cheng (US Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California). In the framework of a scientific cooperation TRIM-2D has been successfully installed in the year 1994 at BAW-DHs computers. It has been integrated into BAW-DHs numerical modelling toolbox and is now used on a routine basis in the context of different real-world projects concerning estuarine flow and transport processes. Meanwhile the capabilities of the model were extended and new physical processes have been included.
Furthermore the program was parallelized using [ OpenMP]-directives for SMP ([ symmetric multiprocessing]) systems in a portable way.
==Standard Validation Document==
There exists a Standard Validation Document (in German only) for TRIM-2D which provides the potential user with information about the capabilities and limitations of the model. This document may be downloaded either as [ PDF-Version] ( 2.1M) or as a compressed PostScript-Version  ( 2.9M).
* [[Generation of Boundary Conditions]]
* [[Generation and Modification of Computational Grids]]
==Programs for Simulations==
* [[TR2VOR]]: generation of a compact version of the bathymetry-file together with some index arrays which are required during the simulation run for optimal performance on vector computers
* [[TR2LQ2]]: generation of a profile topography which is necessary to output results from a TRIM-2D simulation run along profiles
* [[TRIM-2D]]: simulation run
* [[Conversion of Computed Results]]: general purpose prostprocessors for the conversion of data.
* [[Analysis of Calculated Results]]: tidal characteristic numbers, tide-independent characteristic numbers, tidal harmonic analysis and comparative analysis.
* [[EXCEL-Applications|Spread-Sheet Calculations for Computed Results]]: application of the spread-sheet program MS Excel (TM) to display and modify computed results.
* [[TR2MODATE]]: modification of date and time in a hydrodynamic results file if this hydrodynamic state should be used as initial state for a different date
* [[TR2KACHEL]]: generation of sections (tiles); topography as well as data are cut into pieces out of the result files for the entire computational domain for any desired section (tile)
* [[PARTRACE]]: particle tracking within a two-dimensional depth-averaged velocity field
* [[GVIEW2D]]: graphical display of time series at selected locations
* [[LQ2PRO]]: Visualization of data along profiles
* [[HVIEW2D]]: graphical display of 2D synoptic or data analyses results
* [[VVIEW2D]]: Two-dimensional graphical representation of CFD-data for vertical sections
==Example Applications==
* [[Hydrodynamics of the Elbe Estuary]]: A comprehensive study concerning hydrodynamics, salt- and bedload transport in the Elbe Estuary.
* Suspended Sediment Transport: Demo-Example (available in German only).
* [[Example: Animation of Salinity in the Außenweser Estuary|Animation of tidal variability of salinity in the Außenweser Estuary]].
* [[Animation of Water Level Elevation and Flow Velocity in the Inner Jade estuary]].
* [[Tidal characteristic numbers of current velocity for the Weser Estuary]].
* [[Tidal characteristic numbers of salinity for the Weser Estuary]].
* Modeling the propagation of dunes in a straight channel (available in German only).
* [[Animation of vortex streets behind a planned storm surge barrier in the Unterems]].
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Palette Example: Symbolization of salinity with a multicolored sequential color ramp (YlOrRd)