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* [[NetCDF synoptic data for unstructured grid]], and
* [[NetCDF synoptic data for unstructured grid]], and
* [[NetCDF synoptic data for unstructured grid with subgrid]].
* [[NetCDF synoptic data for unstructured grid with subgrid]].
* [[NetCDF DelWAQ data]].
==Time Series Data==
==Time Series Data==

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General Aspects

Purpose of these BAWiki Pages

These BAWiki pages do describe all NetCDF conventions required to store baw-specific data in NetCDF data files (see network common data form). I. e. all local conventions are listed, which go beyond the international agreed-upon CF-metadata convention. These pages are also meant as a discussion ground for agreeing on those additional conventions required.

In cases where the international agreed-upon conventions are insufficient, one should first check whether extensions described in Deltares-Conventions can be used or not - it is recommended to discuss further required extensions with Deltares.

The additional conventions should be listed in the global NetCDF attribute Conventions, e. g. in the following way:

// global attributes:
 :Conventions = "CF-1.4/Deltares-0.1/BAW-0.1" .

The BAW instance of a NetCDF file developed since 2010 is a file of type CF-NETCDF.NC.


Global Attributes


Time Coordinate

Vertical Coordinate

Horizontal Coordinate Reference System

Reduction of Dataset Size


Synoptic Data

Time Series Data

Analysis Data

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