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This page lists the ways of framing a map offered by NCPLOT.

The type of framing a map is requested in the corresponding "Normalization_Transformation"-block of the control file NCPLOT.DAT through the KEY line "NTN_Framing" and its two input parameters. The input line is optional. If the line is missing, no frame is plotted.

The type of frame can be a simple black edging or a complex frame with coordinates. The offered coordinate frames are optimized for values belonging to Gauss Krüger projection. Gridlines can help with orientation in the map.

  • Key NTN_Framing: Type of map framing
  • First parameter: Type of the frame
  • Rechteck = Rectangular frame without labeling
  • Standard = Rectangular frame with labeling bottom and left
  • Schachlinie = Small alternating black and white rectangles with no label
  • BSH = Like "Schachlinie" with labeling top, bottom, right and left
  • BWK = Framing like the "Bundeswasserstrassenkarten" with labeling top, bottom, right and left
  • Second parameter: Type of displaying the grid lines
  • NONE = no grid lines
  • mit_x_Gitternetzlinien = only the grid lines along the x-axis are displayed
  • mit_y_Gitternetzlinien = only the grid lines along the y-axis are displayed
  • mit_xy_Gitternetzlinien = display the grid lines for both axes

Frame type: Rechteck Frame type: Standard
Frame type "Rechteck"
Frame type "Standard"
Frame type: Schachlinie Frame type: BSH
Frame type "Schachlinie"
Frame type "BSH"
Frame type: BWK Frame with grid lines
Frame type "BWK"
Frame with grid lines

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