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Basic Information






February 2014


February 2014

Significance of the File

contains general steering data for the program NCANALYSE.

File-Contents (in Catchwords)

steering data

  • Block Program_Parameters: general input data
    1. Max_Read_Storage: maximum number of data locations which are analysed within one analysis cycle.
    2. Min_Water_Depth: minimum water depth up to which analyses are carried through.
  • Block Data_Analysis_Period: period of data analysis
    1. Start_Time: start time of data analysis period.
    2. End_Time: end time of data analysis period.
  • Block Input_Files: CF NetCDF file with input data
    1. Data_File: name and type (NETCDF) of the input data file (filetype
  • Block Location: reference locations (one block per location)
    1. Name: name of reference location.
    2. Type: type of reference location:
      • 0 = reference location tide (must be specified exactely once);
      • 1 = reference location phase (must be specified exactely once);
      • 2 = auxiliary location (can be specified several times).
    3. X: x-coordinate of location(specify either X and Y or LON and LAT).
    4. Y: y-coordinate of location (specify either X and Y or LON und LAT).
    5. LON: longitude of location (specify either X and Y or LON and LAT).
    6. LAT: latitude of location (specify either X and Y or LON and LAT).
    7. Z: z-coordinate of location (positive downwards).
    8. Rank: rank of location(not for reference location phase).
    9. Previous_Rank: refers to the rank of the previous location (not for reference location tide and reference location phase).
  • Block Input_Variables: names(s) for variables to be analysed
    1. Name: name of variable to be analysed (must be a valid CF NetCDF variable name from the input data file).
  • Block Data_Analysis: type of analysis and CF NetCDF file for result data
    1. Type: type of analysis:
    2. Result_File: name and type (NETCDF) of the result file (filetype
  • (for LZKW) Block Water_Level_Bounds: definition of classes for water level.
    1. Interval: lower and upper bound of classes (intervals).
  • (for LZKW) Block Water_Level_Quantiles: definition of quantiles.
    1. Value: quantile from interval ] 0.0, 1.0 [; for median choose Value = 0.5.

General Remarks

  1. Dictionary files used from directory $PROGHOME/dic/:
    • ncanalyse_dico.dat and
    • ncanalyse_config_dico.dat.
  2. Standard configuration files used from directory $PROGHOME/cfg/:

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