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Models of the Jade-Weser-Estuary

Basic model Jade-Weser, version 1: Topography 2002

For the Jade-Weser-Estuary a model was built based on the mathematical models UNTRIM-SEDIMORPH to calculate hydrodynamics, salt and suspended matter transport. The model topography (Figure Topography Jade-Weser-Estuary)

Figure Topography Jade-Weser-Estuary: Representation of topography in the numerical grid of the des Jade-Weser basic model.

represents year 2002. The spatial resolution is high enough to yield realistic results, but still allows for longer integration times (months – years).

The validation document (available in German only)

  • Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau, 2012, Validierung des Basismodells „Jade-Weser-Ästuar“ für das Verfahren UnTRIM2007-SediMorph Version 1: Topographie 2002, 108 S.

can be obtained as PDF-version here:

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