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1.0 / July 2006


October 2006


numerical simulation
analysis of UnTrim-Message-Files

Short Description of Functionality

The program UNTRIMMONITOR is used for the graphical visualization of information from the UNTRIM-Message-file. The values of iter, ntres (number of iterations) and maxError (measure for the quality of the solution) are time-series. The program is able to make a plot of these parameters. Additionally the parameter maxError is shown in an XY coordinate system. The described parameters provide an indication of the performance of the numerical code as well as the quality of the computational results. The routine also exports time-series data to a semicolon-separated-data file, which can easily be imported in spreadsheats (e.g. EXCEL). The evaluation can be performed during the simulation or after the end of a model run, so that deficiencies of the simulation can be recognized promptly.

The represented parameters are:

  1. iter: Number of iterations of the free surface
  2. ntres: Number of iterations for the solution of the transport equations, separately for each tracer (e.g. salinity, temperature, suspended load)
  3. maxError: maximum error of the iterative computed water level in the whole model area; this value is the difference between the iterative computed water level and the water level, which will be obtained after inserting the computed velocity in the continuity equation.

The following figure shows an example for a simulation. The time-series of the named parameters are plotted on the right hand side (produced with UnTrimMonitor). A picture of the current velocity at a critical stage with a large number of iteration is shown on the left hand side of the figure. figure


UNTRIM Messagefile (filetype untrim.msg)


  1. (optional) pixel image (filetype untrimmonitor.png)
  2. (optional) ASCII-File (filetype untrimmonitor.monitor) semicolon separated columns of the simulation time steps, iter, ntres, maxError


The program reads the values of iter, ntres and maxError from the UnTrim-Message-file first. After that the parameters can be plotted or be written to a semicolon-separated-data file. This type of file can easily be imported in spreadsheats and processed in other tools (e.g. EXCEL)

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R. Schubert, U. Schiller


U. Schiller



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