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This page contains several links to single or collections of java-applets. They are useful and instructive in connection with different problems related to coastal engineering as well as oceanography. Using these applets the user gets in touch with knowledge accumulated by others because many descriptions of relevant physical processes are available in analytical form. This may contribute to improve your basic understanding of the physical processes envolved and will give you an idea about important factors influencing the physical behaviour of the process you are interested in. You may use these applets at your own risk.

Java-Applets of the BAW - Department Hamburg

Storage capability calculations for the storm surge barrier at the river Ems near Gandersum.
The applet is available in German only.
Calculation of various bed roughness parameters
Calculation of Bend Flows
vertical and logarithmical profile of current velocity
lateral profile of current velocity

Java-Applets of Other Institutes

Coastal Engineering

  • Hydrodynamics (superposition of waves, wind induced surge in a basin, etc.);
  • Coastal Processes (sand transport, influence of a groin on a straight beach, etc.).


  • Oceanographic Utilities by Matthias Tomczak, Flinders University, Australia (routines use JavaScript for data manipulation and Java applets for data display):
  • Calculators to compute various numbers (density in dependence on temperature, salinity and pressure, sound speed, etc.);
  • Graphing-Applets (co-oscillating tides and seiches in bays, etc.).

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