Preparation of Computational- and Output-Grids

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JANET covers many functions related to grid generation and grid modification. After this step one has to do some more steps to fullfill the needs of the simulation software UNTRIM2:

  • change the format of the computational grid with the program GRIDCONVERT
  • round the depths of all grids with the program UTRPRE, so that the binary stored computational results work successfully on different hardware platforms
  • prepare a profile grid with many longitudinal and or cross sectional profiles with the program TICLQ2
  • prepare a (small) grid with prominent positions such as tide gauges
  • compute spatial and time variable boundary values (to do so please look at Generation of Boundary Conditions)
  • provide metadata for the output of NetCDF-Files

The following picture shows the preprocessing workflow:

workflow to prepare computational and output grids

Hints and Tips:

  • There is only one need to store grids within the Janet binary format jbf: All grid infos are stored in this format, so this format is ideal to develop this grid later on within Janet.
  • The profile grid and the grid with prominent positions are not required. But they are helpful in reducing the amount of output data, because the timestep of output can be defined differently for each output grid.
  • If computational results should be stored in files of type NetCDF, please make sure that the grids contain metadata. These metadata must be added at the end of the grid file or in case of a profile grid they are stored in a separate file. This storage of metadata has to be done after using the program UTRPRE.
  • Using SubGrid Janet creates a second grid file (type pltsub_grid.upi). This file stores the spatial position of all subpolygons and -edges. This information will not be used inside the computational core of UNTRIM2, but it is necessary to visualize the computational results on subgrid level (e.g. with NCPLOT or DAVIT).

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