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OpenMI stands for Open Modelling Interface and Environment. It enables models being linked together to an integrated modelling system. A model is an entity that can provide or accept data. This can be a numerical model as well as a database or a postprocessor. The OpenMI configuration editor or OmiEd enables the user to link the models by mouse-click.


Fig.: OpenMI configuration editor OmiEd
The site offers more information.

OpenMI compliant import of initial and boundary data into Delft3D

A database and a numerical engine are the two "models" involved in this use case.

  • The "model" GEIWRAPPER serves as a database accessing data stored in proprietary BAW formats. It has been developed at BAW.
  • The WLDELFT WRAPPER includes the numerical engine Delft3D-FLOW as the heart of the application.
The approved engine has been migrated by staff members from WL | Delft Hydraulics.

GEIWrapper offers initial and boundary data as an output. WLDelft Wrapper accepts this data as an input. Temporal and spatial interpolations are automatically done by the application. The manual OpenMI compliant Import of Initial and Boundary Data into Delft3D - User Manual enables its readers to do what its title promises.

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