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The coordinate variables for multiple locations are described.

Version Discrete Sampling Geometry timeSeriesProfile

Data for several individual locations are stored in a netCDF file in accordance with the concept of a Discrete Sampling Geometry with featureType=timeSeriesProfile. An example (output from NCDUMP) for geometry as well as data is shown in L synop ncdump 2D.pdf.

Short list and description of some relevant variables used for individual locations:

  • Mesh0_node_x(nMesh0_node): x-coordinate;
  • Mesh0_node_y(nMesh0_node): y-coordinate;
  • Mesh0_node_lon(nMesh0_node): geographic longitude;
  • Mesh0_node_lat(nMesh0_node): geographic latitude;
  • Mesh0_node_long_name(nMesh0_node,nMesh0_strlen1): long name;
  • Mesh0_node_code_name(nMesh0_node,nMesh0_strlen2): short name;
  • Mesh0_node_short_name(nMesh0_node,nMesh0_strlen3): shorthand name;
  • Mesh0_node_id(nMesh0_node): identification number, e.g. with cf_role matching current featureType;
  • Mesh0_crs: scalar container variable with informations (contents of attributes) about the coordinate transformation used (relationship between local and geographical coordinates).



  1. nMesh0_node : Number of locations.

Local coordinates

double Mesh0_node_x(nMesh0_node) ;

Mesh0_node_x:long_name = "x-coordinate (projection)" ;
Mesh0_node_x:units = "m" ;
Mesh0_node_x:name_id = 1650 ;
Mesh0_node_x:standard_name = "projection_x_coordinate" ;

double Mesh0_node_y(nMesh0_node) ;

Mesh0_node_y:long_name = "y-coordinate (projection)" ;
Mesh0_node_y:units = "m" ;
Mesh0_node_y:name_id = 1651 ;
Mesh0_node_y:standard_name = "projection_y_coordinate" ;


  1. "name_id" corresponds to the so-called PHYDEF-Code of variables which is used internally at BAW.

Geographic coordinates

double Mesh0_node_lon(nMesh0_node) ;

Mesh0_node_lon:long_name = "geographic longitude" ;
Mesh0_node_lon:units = "degrees_east" ;
Mesh0_node_lon:name_id = 1653 ;
Mesh0_node_lon:standard_name = "longitude" ;

double Mesh0_node_lat(nMesh0_node) ;

Mesh0_node_lat:long_name = "geographic latitude" ;
Mesh0_node_lat:units = "degrees_north" ;
Mesh0_node_lat:name_id = 1652 ;
Mesh0_node_lat:standard_name = "latitude" ;


  1. "name_id" corresponds to the so-called PHYDEF-Code of variables which is used internally at BAW.

Coordinate Transformation

For details see NetCDF grid mapping variable.

Additional remarks


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