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List of attributes

DMQS metadata

In the R&D project Datenmanagement und Qualitätssicherung im Verkehrswasserbau (DMQS) new guidelines for the creation of metadata were formulated, especially in connexion with use of simulation programs (see Mathematical Models for Coastal Areas and Estuaries).

All resulting recommendations are described in recording of metadata for a simulation (available in German only). Recommendations for the creation of metadata can be regarded as a replacement for file input from nc_meta.dat (see subsequent section). They shall be used with priority.

Metadata from nc_meta.dat or other input steering data files

Creation of metadata shall be carried through with priority according to the recommendations given in the above section related to DMQS metadata. If this is not applicable, input from nc_meta.dat can be regarded as an alternative.

Automatically added metadata

  • Conventions
    Conventions = "CF-1.6" ; // if CF compliant
    Conventions = "UGRID-1.0" ; // if UGRID compliant but not CF compliant
    Conventions = "CF-1.6, UGRID-1.0" ; // if CF compliant and UGRID compliant
    standard_name_vocabulary = "CF-1.6" ;
  • History
    history = "/net/themis2/system/akprog/examples/untrim2007/data/kurve/\\n06/27/2012-09:54:36.462000000 UTC, h_grid, Grid_File\\n06/27/2012-09:54:44.984000000 UTC, m_untrim2007_utromp2007, utromp2007.xe.dat" ;
    Each application using the data should add an entry to this attribute which could contain the following information:
    1. date and time of program execution,
    2. name of executable, and
    3. name of major input steering data file, if present.
    date_created = "2012-06-27T09:54:44.045000000+00:00" ; // see ISO 8601
    date_modified = "2012-06-27T09:54:44.045000000+00:00" ; // see ISO 8601
  • Data set
    uuid = "08f169c6-7b7b-1030-8001-0030487ca4a8" ; // see Universally Unique Identifier
  • Spatial reference
    geospatial_lat_min = 53.00748773384447357 ;
    geospatial_lat_max = 53.0168838793441595 ;
    geospatial_lat_units = "degrees_north" ;
    geospatial_lat_resolution = "on average 14.13 meters" ;
    geospatial_lon_min = 7.8641123924508 ;
    geospatial_lon_max = 7.897937700526 ;
    geospatial_lon_units = "degrees_east" ;
    geospatial_lon_resolution = "on average 14.13 meters" ;
  • Time reference
    time_coverage_start = "2001-07-24T00:00:00+01:00" ; // see ISO 8601
    time_coverage_end = "2001-07-24T04:00:00+01:00" ; // see ISO 8601
    time_coverage_resolution = "P000000DT00H30M00S" ;// see ISO 8601


  • Global attributes describe the data source as well as the institution which originally created the data. An overview of the use history is also given. Also informations about metadata conventions used are contained.
  • From the attributes listed above not all of them are always present.
  • For further information on this subject see CF Metadata Convention and NODC NetCDF Templates.

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