Inland Waterway Ship Test Case

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A typical inland waterway ship as encountered in European inland shipping was designed for the purpose of establishing a benchmark test case for numerical and experimental methods.

Investigations center on

  • Resistance,
  • Propulsion,
  • Manouevring,
  • Bank effects.

Particular incentives for establishing the test case stem from the increasing importance of ship handling simulators for navigability analyses and the advance of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) coming into operation for hydrodynamic analyses and parameter identification for manouevring models.

Ship hydrodynamics in shallow water differ from deep water conditions in terms of the pressure field ambient to the ship underway, wave patterns, dynamic changes in floating position (squat) and underkeel-clearance (UKC), a complex flow regime in the UKC region involving distinct flow separation in the after body and oblique inflow to propellers.

CAD files available upon request: Please contact

Introduction of test case

Resistance and Propulsion

Free-running Maneuvers