Example: Flood-Ebb-Ratio for the Advective Salt Transport in the Inner Außenweser

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Isosurfaces of equal flodd-to-ebb ratio between advective transport of salt for flood and ebb current are shown. The flood-ebb-ratio is able to display transport asymmetries of the transported salt volumes. As it can be seen in the advective residual transport of salt there is a flood dominated area (red) along the western slope of the deep channel (see bathymetry) of the Außenweser indicating a landward oriented transport of salt and a zone dominated by seaward transport along the eastern slope (blue). Also a strongly flood dominated transport can be identified in the left part of the figure where a net transport of salt takes place from the Jade Estuary (left edge of the figure) towards the Außenweser. Areas with prevailing ebb oriented transport (blue) are separated from areas of dominant flood oriented transport (red) by areas of neutral transport (white) where the flood-ebb asymmetry for the transport of salt vanishes.

Bathymetry for the area shown above


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