Example: Animation of Salinity in the Außenweser Estuary

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The animation demonstrates variation of depth averaged salinity in the inner part of the Außenweser Estuary for a complete tidal cycle (approx. 12h:25m). The data shown have been generated using the two-dimensional (vertically averaged) numerical model TRIM-2D. The situation is governed by fresh water inflow from the Unterweser (bottom right) as well as by advective transport of salinity by means of the flood and ebb currents. Together both effects contribute to the gradual decrease of salinity from the open sea (top left) towards the Unterweser (bottom right) and to a strong local variation of salinity. The area shown belongs to the brackish water zone of the Weser Estuary. The position of this zone is strongly dependent on the fresh water inflow rate as well as the influence due to regular variations of the tides.

Further interesting insight into the salt transport regime of the Außenweser Estuary may be obtained by looking at the calculated Tidal Characteristic Numbers of Salinity.

This animation is available in three different formats. The resolution amounts to 800 x 600 points (72 dpi)

For each format viewers are available for different computer platforms