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The development of standard solutions for individual elements of upstream and downstream fishways is part of the BAW’s tasks as a consultant to the German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV). On the one hand, standards are agreed solutions and may thus contribute to accelerating planning and construction approval procedures as they can be applied directly. On the other hand, since they are tried and tested solutions, standards reduce the uncertainties inherent to the complex field of ecological connectivity. The standards are aligned to the conditions on Germany’s federal waterways.

Standardisation is the result of the BAW’s and BfG’s research and development projects and the consulting services provided by both institutions to the WSV.

The catalogue of existing solutions to different questions, especially in connection with vertical slot passes and fish lifts, has been supported by literature surveys:

  • International guidelines for upstream fishways
  • Literature survey: special design types for upstream fishways

The following publications are the results of standardisation activities:

  • Guideline (AH FAA 2.0) "Upstream Fishways on German Federal Waterways”: Standardisation of planning and consulting processes regarding the upstream fishways of the German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration
  • BAW Letter “Requirements for the Planning of Fish Lifts and Fish Locks”
  • Design recommendations for auxiliary water supply in the pools of an upstream fishway: Standardisation of auxiliary water screen and direction and of maximum velocity of the auxiliary water injected into the fishway
  • Recommendation for attraction flow design in upstream fishways at sites with hydropower generation facilities for entrances near the power plant: Calculation of the auxiliary water supply as a function of local conditions at power plant sites

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